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Communications Associate

Job Description:

The Communications Associate will be the voice of Savvy, and will be responsible for crafting emails, social media posts, and other communications. Critical to this position is the quick ability to adopt our playful yet provocative brand tone. An ideal candidate has significant experience as a patient or caregiver so they know what is at stake, and at least a familiarity with the healthcare industry so they can craft appropriate communications. Also extremely important is a commitment to creating inclusive messaging that is accessible, yet doesn’t shy away from what needs to be addressed, such as that Black Lives Matter. This position can be full-time or part-time with the potential to grow into full time, with lots of growth opportunities.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Craft email newsletters and campaigns to Savvy clients 

  • Craft email newsletters and campaigns to Savvy patient community 

  • Write social media posts across platforms

  • Take other content (webinars, podcasts, blogs, etc) and turn into digestible content

  • Create reports, white papers, etc

  • Work closely with business development, operations, and patient community teams


Ideal candidate:

  • Is a strong writer with a distinct tone

  • Has considerable patient experience

  • Has familiarity with the healthcare industry (pharma, digital health, etc)

  • Has familiarity with Hubspot or email marketing platforms

  • Has a track record with growing social media channels

  • Is always choosing their words carefully and thinking through cultural sensitivities

  • Is capable of meeting deadlines



  • No formal degree or work experience required



  • Will report directly to CEO


  • Savvy is a distributed team, meaning we all work remotely, even pre-pandemic

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