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Contract Specialist/Attorney

Job Description:

Savvy’s #1 priority is protecting patients, which is why legal agreements quickly became a staple of our work. Savvy’s growing number of clients means we are seeking additional support reviewing and turning around contracts, including MSAs, SOWs, and patient consent forms. With the pace of work, some contracts, like SOWs, will require quick turnarounds (ideally within 24 hours). Part-time role with potential to grow into full-time.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Reviewing and redlining service agreements and patient consent forms

  • Creating partnership agreements

  • Creating and editing policies based on our growing offerings

  • Working closely with CEO and business development team


Ideal candidate:

  • Is a contract attorney or has significant experience reviewing and editing contracts

  • Has strong plain language legal writing skills

  • Has knowledge and understanding of healthcare and pharmaceutical industry 

  • Has patient experience to draw from to understand why we advocate so hard for patients

  • Has flexible work hours



  • Vary based on responsibilities


  • Will report directly to CEO


  • Savvy is a distributed team, meaning we all work remotely, even pre-pandemic

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