The future of healthcare is co-designed with patients.

About the Co-op

Savvy is a co-op, meaning we are co-owned by our members. Everyone is eligible, join today!

We are the first member-owned co-op that not only gives individual patients a voice in the healthcare industry, but in our organization. They share in our profits too! Join the co-op for a one time purchase of $34 (financial assistance available).

For Patients

Patients are savvy, and have a unique perspective that should be heard and valued.

We help patients, care partners and helpful citizens share their health experiences with various professionals through a variety of opportunities like interviews, focus groups, user-testing, surveys, etc...and they earn rewards for their participation!

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For Companies

Professionals can't improve the patient experience until they understand it. 

We connect companies and innovators directly with patients and healthcare consumers so they can seamlessly get the insights they need to build better solutions and get them to market faster. We can improve outcomes if we work together!

What We Do

Savvy is the of patient insights.

Connecting people with opportunities to share their unique health experiences with professionals. 
Connecting companies and researchers with qualified individuals
to gain diverse insights.

Savvy is a patient-owned co-op helping patients share their health experiences with companies


Savvy is a

share their health experiences with


How It Works

What would you like to do?

I want to share my health experience


| care partners & citizens |

I want to learn from patients and carers


| researchers & innovators |

Types of Savvy Gigs

focus groups
...and more!

Why Choose Savvy


Know your experiences matter, are heard & will help others


Be part of a movement, joining forces with others, improving health for all.


Get paid for your expertise, both by clients and by the co-op (if a member).


Learn about the latest innovations and resources from peers and professionals.


Savvy cultivates transparency through patient-ownership and profit-sharing.


| care partners & citizens |


| researchers & innovators |


Understand the patient experience, priorities and get valuable feedback.


Stop asking the same people, get diverse perspectives, innovate for all.


Show people you care and that your work incorporates patient insights


So easy, seamless and cost-effective, why wouldn't you work with Savvy?


Bring solutions with the highest impact for patients to market -- faster!


Who We Are

We understand what it’s like for patients - because we are them!
We are patients first, putting patients first.
Jen Horonjeff, PhD
Photo of Ronnie Sharpe with conversation bubble saying "I'm Cystic Fibrosis Savvy"
Ronnie Sharpe
CO-FOUNDER | COO & Product

"World Changing Idea"


"50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs"

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Awards & Recognitions

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