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Community Manager

Job Description:

The Community Manager will be the glue between our leadership team and our patient community. They will play an active role in both the day-to-day requests for patient insights and recruitment, as well as the longer-term growth of our network through establishing partnerships with patient groups and creating programming for our co-op members. An ideal candidate has considerable patient or caregiver experience, a background in community or grassroots organizing, and is able to communicate with diverse patient and community groups in culturally sensitive ways. This position can be full-time or part-time with the potential to grow into full time, with lots of growth opportunities.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Work with the operations team to understand patient recruitment needs
  • Actively reach out to patient community groups to grow our network
  • Develop partnership plans with advocacy groups and community-based organizations
  • Create and lead patient ambassador-esque programs
  • Communicate regularly with co-op members

Ideal candidate:

  • Has a track record as a leader
  • Has a background in grassroots and community organizing
  • Has experience managing volunteers and committees
  • Is a quick learner of new software
  • Has excellent attention to detail
  • Has strong organizational skills
  • Is an excellent communicator
  • Is an effective networker and community builder
  • Is willing to jump in wherever necessary
  • Is open to the role evolving
  • Is proficient at social media
  • Is comfortable talking about their patient experience, if applicable
  • Is passionate about diversity and inclusion
  • Bonus: speaks a second language


  • No formal degree or work experience required


  • Will work directly with both the founders (CEO and COO)


  • Savvy is a distributed team, meaning we all work remotely, even pre-pandemic

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