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Project Manager

Job Description

Project Managers are the glue between our clients and our patient community. They are responsible for executing on our client work, including coordinating the various market research, user experience research, qualitative research, usability studies, product-testing, and other co-design opportunities that Savvy services. To do this, Project managers communicate with clients, Savvy team members, and our patient community.

To be successful in this role, you must have strong organizational and problem-solving skills, the ability to oversee numerous projects at once, incredible work ethic to make sure no balls are dropped, and the comfort to implement processes in real time for our growing number of offerings. This role is perfect for someone skilled at working in a fast-paced environment who is looking to make an impact in scaling up a company.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Communicating directly with clients to manage requests and updates

  • Coordinating with other Savvy team members to manage the project effectively

  • Effectively documenting progress of projects

  • Identifying ways to make processes more efficient

  • Working closely with the COO and operations team

Ideal candidate:

  • Has excellent attention to detail
  • Has strong organizational skills
  • Is an effective communicator
  • Is cool under pressure and can juggle and jump rope (metaphorically) at the same time
  • Is motivated by checking things off their to do list
  • Is willing to jump in wherever necessary to get the job done
  • Is strong using tech platforms and is a quick learner of new software


  • No formal degree or work experience required


  • Savvy is a distributed team, meaning we all work remotely, even pre-pandemic

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