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Ready To Step Up Your Patient Engagement Game?

We interviewed patient engagement professionals across pharma and biotech to understand what's really going on with this whole "patient-centricity" thing. Download our paper to get the scoop.
“We don’t like the word patient-centricity, but if we don’t say we are, then people will think we aren’t.”

What You Will Learn

  • How other companies approach "patient-centric" initiatives

  • The ROI on patient engagement (and the cost if you don't)

  • What patients really think of “patient-centricity” in pharma

What You Will Get

  • Tips for navigating compliance and getting leadership buy-in

  • A Patient-Centricity Checklist to see how your company stacks up

  • An Equity Inventory to guide how you work with patients

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Savvy Cooperative helps companies get the patient insights they need to create better patient-centered solutions. Using a unique model, Savvy Cooperative is the first patient-owned public benefit co-op that empowers patients to use their health experiences to advance research and product development.