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We know it is sometimes a real challenge to pull together a new contract every time you want to chat with a patient, which can hinder your ability to get valuable patient input.

Now, get quick, nimble, remote patient research and insights all year round with the Savvy Subscription. Flexible credits let you get the patient insights you need, when you need them! With access to patients and caregivers across 350+ therapeutic areas, we help you get hassle-free insights, fast.


Subscription Benefits

Whether you've already come to know Savvy's superior expertise in patient insights or you're just starting out, you'll feel the difference as our subscription is unlike anything else on the market today. Who says you can't have speed, affordability, and quality in one place?

Benefits of the Savvy Subscription

  • Contracting—All your subscription activities in one contract
  • Flexibility—Flexible credits for what you need, when you need it
  • Speed—No more waiting on contracts, get insights in days, not weeks
  • Savings—Bulk credit pricing makes it cheaper than ad-hoc gigs

How It Works

Step 1: We work with you to understand your needs and customize your package with just the right amount of credits.

Step 2: You pick your subscription length: quarterly or yearly.

Step 3: We execute the contract (oh, what fun!).

Step 4: You ping us anytime to use your subscription credits.

We recruit, screen, and verify every potential participant, and handle all the admin from consenting, scheduling, and even paying the participants when they're done. You can even choose to use your credits to have Savvy execute the research, that way all you have to do is focus on building your patient-centered solution!

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Flexible Credit System 

With our flexible credit system, you aren't locked into specific activities—you get what you need, when you need it! And the more credits you buy, the more you save! Now that's Savvy.
  • Recruit participants
  • Conduct live sessions (e.g. interviews, focus groups)
  • Conduct activity sessions (e.g. questionnaire, concept tests)
  • Use Savvy's technology platform
  • Have Savvy develop discussion guides
  • Have Savvy moderate sessions
  • Have Savvy review and clean transcripts
  • Have Savvy create key insights reports
  • Add team member seats

Verified Savvy Patients

We take great pride in our patient cooperative! Everyone you talk to has been verified by our team (no scammers here!), so you can trust the quality of your insights. And over the past 5 years we have built out an extensive network to where we can connect you with patients in most therapeutic areas very quickly. 

Some clients like to have a smaller cohort of the same patients they talk to over the course of their subscription. Others like to talk to new patients each time. Our flexible credit system makes it easy to customize, letting you connect with exactly who you need, when you need it.


"The subscription has enabled us to offer our teams several engagement activity options, which they have found very useful. The surveys have enabled the different therapeutic area teams to gain quick insights while the strategy sessions have provided a good starting point to plan further, larger projects. We also value the discount on gigs as these projects often follow on from the surveys and strategic calls."


"Savvy are brilliant to work with and their team are incredibly supportive, engaged and proactive. They are truly interested in ensuring that we get the best possible insight from our patient research and work hard to ensure that both our researchers and the patients have a productive engagement. The patient insights we’ve gleamed from working with Savvy have had a significant positive impact on a number of projects, allowing us to rapidly incorporate patient perspectives in the development of our digital solutions."


 "Savvy Coop gave us a direct line to learn from patients that matter, allowing us to gain important insight about their healthcare experiences, worries, and aspirations. Because of their insight, we’ll be able to provide a more meaningful and personalized user experience for patients just like them. Thanks to Savvy, it was easy to source the unique patient types we needed to learn more about, helping us to build a better conversation, and helping our clients to deliver better care."

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"Savvy helped us frame our experiment, tailor our recruitment outreach, and get up and running quickly! Their community provides valuable testing and feedback on our solution, which we then directly use to optimize our UX, our behavioral structures and our outcomes. Keep it up!"

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