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About Us

Our Story

Once upon a time, there were two patients who were tired of healthcare innovators designing products and services without talking to patients first. They dreamed of restoring power back to patients, giving them a voice and fairly valuing their insights.


That dream is Savvy Cooperative.

(let us explain with our puppets)





Who We Are

We understand what it’s like for patients - because we are them!


We are patients first, putting patients first. Now that's savvy.

Jen Horonjeff, PhD


Ronnie Sharpe


We Are A Patient Co-op

Savvy Cooperative is the first and only patient-owned
public benefit co-op...a mouthful of awesomeness!

Savvy is a co-op, meaning we are legally owned by our members, who are patients and people, like you!


Members have a vote in what we do and share in our yearly profits.

Savvy Cooperative Membership | ownership | Be Heard | Get Rewards | Be In Solidarity

Our Mission

To empower people to use their experience to create positive change.


In healthcare, we do this by giving patients direct ways to share their experiences with health innovators, and advocating that they be fairly compensated for their contributions.

We empower patients to co-create new solutions, give them a sense of purpose, and help them earn money.

Our Core Values


Be People-First and People-With

Being people-centered is an outcome, not a strategy. Actively work with those whose lives you impact to make them partners in what you do.

Elevate Others

Recognize that great ideas come from all over. Be a mentor to others and help people develop new skills. Encourage collaboration.

Champion Inclusivity

Create and nurture a culture where diverse people and perspectives are not just allowed, but sought after.

Cultivate Transparency

Co-ownership requires an open and honest environment where members are informed and feedback is valued.

Challenge Assumptions

Be ambitious. Drive innovation by challenging complacency and the status quo.

Celebrate Success, Grow From Failure

Not every attempt will be a success. Use failure as an opportunity to learn and receive feedback. Also take time to acknowledge and celebrate success when it comes.

Innovate With Purpose

In order to make the biggest impact, make sure you are solving real problems. Work with the community to identify what these are and create purpose-driven solutions.

Choose Integrity

Be authentic and consistent. Recognize that integrity is a choice that has to be made continually. Inspire others to do the same.

Have Breadth and Focus

Have discipline to stay focused, and courage to consider how current actions have future impacts.

Love What You Do

Important work can also be fun. Work with purpose. Live with passion.