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Your Healthcare Experiences Matter!


Whether you're healthy, have a chronic condition, or just know some who does, join Savvy to get paid for your expertise and for referring verified patients and caregivers to our paid research gigs. 

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s a gig?

Gigs are opportunities for patients to share their insights with healthcare stakeholders! 

No two gigs are exactly alike–the type and topic vary–but in general, patients who participate in a Savvy gig are asked to share their opinions and thoughts on a healthcare-related topic.

 It’s kind of like trying out a cool new sandwich at your local restaurant and giving your feedback…except way more impactful!

Why should I participate in a gig?

Savvy’s mission is to empower patients to have a more active role in healthcare innovation. By participating in a gig, you get a direct line to healthcare decision makers, and you can create lasting change for other patients like you. 

Plus, Savvy pays you for your time–you’re the expert, so you should get paid like one!

What qualifies me for a gig?

Each gig has requirements that qualify someone to participate. For example, a gig may require a specific diagnosis, a certain location, and/or an age range. Even if you aren’t sure if you meet the requirements for a gig, apply anyway–we’ll take care of the rest!

I got selected! What’s next?

Yay–we’re so thrilled you’re willing to share your insights! 


Be on the lookout for scheduling details in your email inbox. One of our fabulous team members will help you get all the information you need about your specific gig’s timing and details.

What do I need to do to prepare for a gig?

First and foremost–be yourself! We’re most interested in your authentic opinions, so no need to cram for your Savvy gig. Once you receive your scheduled interview details, make sure to mark your calendar so that you don’t miss your opportunity to participate. Our team will send over a calendar hold to make your gig’s date and time easy to remember.

To ensure a smooth experience for virtual gigs, find a quiet, secure space for participation, make sure your device is charged and check your connection. 

Log on a few minutes early to ensure that you don’t have any tech snafus–if you do, one of our team members will help you get settled.

Why wasn’t I selected?

After you submit your gig application into the Savvy-verse, many factors beyond the general criteria impact whether or not you're selected for participation.


1. We have to verify you for the condition highlighted in the gig. If you've already submitted documentation for your diagnosis, you're good to go. Still need to do so? Check out our Verification FAQ for more info.

2. Our clients look for a balanced representation of demographics (age, race, gender) when selecting participants for a gig. The final choice is up to them!


Not getting selected is a bummer. But the good news is that we have gigs popping up all the time here at Savvy!

I finished a gig…now what?

Once your Savvy gig ends, the story doesn't stop there: it's just getting started! Your ideas, insights and information head to the client, who will consider the perspectives they've received from you and other participants and make changes to their product or offering.

After a gig wraps, we ask our client partners to share an impact statement that lets you know how your insights are being used. When we receive it, our team will pass it along to you. Pat yourself on the back for making a difference!


We wouldn’t be Savvy if we didn’t ask you to share your insights with us about how your gig went–you’ll receive a short feedback survey to let us know how we did. Take a few moments to fill it out so that we can continue improving the gig experience for all.

Do I really get paid for my time?

Thank you for sharing your insights! Savvy will pay you for your participation promptly at the end of each gig you complete. You can expect to see your payment hit your inbox 1-2 business days after your gig wraps...sometimes even sooner!

In this email, you'll be directed to our gift card catalog, where you can choose from hundreds of popular retailers (or opt for a prepaid Visa or Mastercard). Your insights are priceless in our book, but this is our way of saying thanks.

What does it mean to be verified?

Savvy prides itself on finding real patients with real conditions to participate in our gigs. To ensure we’re finding the right people, we ask that patients verify their health conditions by providing documentation of their diagnoses. 

The verification process protects everyone involved–our clients feel confident that they’re working with people with lived experiences, and authentic patients like you have a direct path to sharing your insights without having to provide proof of diagnosis for each individual gig.

How do I become verified for one of my conditions?

It’s easy to become verified with Savvy! Simply gather documentation of your diagnosis and upload it to your Savvy profile under the ‘Verify’ tab. Accepted documentation forms are:

-Screenshots of an electronic medical record with your name and diagnosis visible
-Letters from a physician with your name and diagnosis present
-Pictures of specific medications (with the medication and patient name clearly visible)
-Public blog, newspaper article, etc.
-Any other picture or file that you feel proves your identity and diagnosis
How does Savvy protect my verification documents?

At Savvy, we are deeply committed to the security of your verification information. Our approach integrates cutting-edge technology and stringent protocols to ensure the highest level of data protection:


Industry-Recognized Cloud Storage: Your verification documents are securely stored on Google Cloud, a platform trusted by industries worldwide for its robust security features and HIPAA compliance. As a leading cloud storage provider, Google Cloud ensures your data is safeguarded with the most advanced technology infrastructure.


Advanced Security Protocols: We employ SSL encryption for all data transmissions to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of your documents. Additionally, once a file is accessed by our team, it remains available only for a limited duration to the authenticated user. This time-sensitive access mechanism is key in preventing unauthorized viewing.


Stringent Internal Access Policy: Access to your documents within our team is highly restricted and governed by a rigorous two-factor authentication (2FA) protocol. This policy ensures that only authorized team members can access these files under secure conditions, guaranteeing responsible and confidential handling of your information.


Automatic Deletion: Enhancing your privacy, we automatically delete all files from our system 30 days after use. This practice is crucial in reducing the risk of unauthorized access and ensures that your documents are not retained longer than necessary.


By incorporating these comprehensive security measures, we assure you that protecting the safety and privacy of your verification information is our top priority. Our unwavering commitment to your security is reflected in our continuous efforts to uphold the highest standards of data protection.

How do I add more conditions to my Savvy profile?

Navigate to your Savvy profile (make sure you’re logged in!) and scroll to the Health Details section. Type in any conditions you have and select each to add to your profile. 


Adding your conditions is the first step, but make sure you verify them by heading to the Verify tab and uploading your documentation. See “How do I become verified?” above for more details on what we accept as forms of verification.

What benefits are there to becoming verified with Savvy?

Becoming verified helps us match you with the right gigs and ensures that you don’t miss out on opportunities to share your insights. 

We use your verified conditions to send applicable gigs right to your inbox so that you’re the first to know when related opportunities to share your insights arise. You’re much more likely to be selected for participation when you apply shortly after a gig launches.

We also only work with verified individuals for our gigs to protect patients and clients alike, so even if you do meet the gig requirements, without verification, you won’t be eligible to participate.

Why am I being asked to provide more verification?

Depending on the gig and its requirements, at times, you may be asked to submit further verification. Make sure your name and diagnosis are clearly visible on the documents you submit so that we can quickly and easily get you into your next gig!




Work with professionals in:

  • Market Research
  • Clinical Research
  • Digital Health
  • Hospital Systems
  • Insurance Companies
  • Pharma & Medical Devices
  • Non-Profits



Share your experiences in:

  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Prototype Testing
  • Scientific Research



Earn a variety of rewards:

  • Prepaid Cash Cards
  • Charitable Donations
  • Dining Gift Cards
  • Retail Gift Cards
  • Essentials Gift Cards

Patient + Caregiver Reviews

Check out what our community of patient and caregiver experts have to say about the Savvy experience! 

left-quote Created with Sketch.

Savvy Coop is a wonderful company and Ronnie Sharpe has been totally amazing to me. They pay their respondents quickly and everyone is treated with respect and dignity. As a person with multiple medical issues this is so important to me. I am not a number I am a human being to them and being treated with kindness and dignity is a standard with Savvy. Love them!

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review

Christina Rotharmel
Google Review
left-quote Created with Sketch.

I have collaborated with Savvy Cooperative on several projects and congratulated them on their professionalism, respect, and how they treat every patient/client with dignity.
Thank you!


Savvy Cooperative 5-Star review

Daniel G Garza
Google Review
left-quote Created with Sketch.

I've completed medical research remote interviews with this organization for several years now and I must say they are the most reliable and trustworthy group I have ever experienced! My time was well compensated and very promptly. There are no endless questionnaires to find out if you are qualified for a study. They let you know in a very timely manner if you have been accepted as a participant or not. I hope to continue being a participant for many years to come! I feel like I have a more of a voice now!

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review


Kessie Abena
Google Review
left-quote Created with Sketch.

An excellent company that truly values patients. It is very easy to work with them. They are very professional. I do recommend Savvy Cooperative if you want to share your story and get paid for this.

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review

Liana Udrescu
Google Review
left-quote Created with Sketch.

I have been a HUGE fan of Savvy Cooperative since their beginnings, and they are what they say they are -- e.g. #askpatients to improve and innovate healthcare! I am confident with their innovative model, their commitment to building a positive community and their willingness to affect CHANGE that together (patients/carepartners and clinicians/researchers/CEOs) can and will be a force for good for the future of healthcare across the world! If you haven't used their services--- don't be the laggard, be the FIRST mover! :)

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review


Greg Merritt
Google Review
left-quote Created with Sketch.

Savvy gives the patient a voice in the medical community. You can tell that they care. And they pay on time. They have provided me the opportunity to pick up $50 here, or $75 there, simply for voicing my opinions about health care, treatment, etc.

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review


Dan Seaman
Google Review
left-quote Created with Sketch.

On the level. Pays well and promptly. A good opportunity to voice your opinions and/or concerns as a patient or caregiver.

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review


Cicily Corbett
Google Review
left-quote Created with Sketch.

I highly recommend Savvy Cooperative! Signing up to receive notification of studies requesting specific patient experience has provided the opportunity for me to engage in "gigs" sharing my story as a patient living with chronic disease. I appreciate the opportunity and the generous rewards provided by Savvy.

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review

Janis N. Senungetuk
Google Review

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