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Your Healthcare Experiences Matter!


Whether you're healthy, have a chronic condition, or just know some who does, join Savvy to get paid for your expertise and for referring verified patients and caregivers to our paid research gigs. 



Work with professionals in:

  • Market Research
  • Clinical Research
  • Digital Health
  • Hospital Systems
  • Insurance Companies
  • Pharma & Medical Devices
  • Non-Profits



Share your experiences in:

  • Surveys
  • Focus Groups
  • Interviews
  • Prototype Testing
  • Scientific Research



Earn a variety of rewards:

  • Prepaid Cash Cards
  • Charitable Donations
  • Dining Gift Cards
  • Retail Gift Cards
  • Essentials Gift Cards

Patient + Caregiver Reviews

Check out what our community of patient and caregiver experts have to say about the Savvy experience! 

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Savvy Coop is a wonderful company and Ronnie Sharpe has been totally amazing to me. They pay their respondents quickly and everyone is treated with respect and dignity. As a person with multiple medical issues this is so important to me. I am not a number I am a human being to them and being treated with kindness and dignity is a standard with Savvy. Love them!

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review

Christina Rotharmel
Google Review
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I have collaborated with Savvy Cooperative on several projects and congratulated them on their professionalism, respect, and how they treat every patient/client with dignity.
Thank you!


Savvy Cooperative 5-Star review

Daniel G Garza
Google Review
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I've completed medical research remote interviews with this organization for several years now and I must say they are the most reliable and trustworthy group I have ever experienced! My time was well compensated and very promptly. There are no endless questionnaires to find out if you are qualified for a study. They let you know in a very timely manner if you have been accepted as a participant or not. I hope to continue being a participant for many years to come! I feel like I have a more of a voice now!

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review


Kessie Abena
Google Review
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An excellent company that truly values patients. It is very easy to work with them. They are very professional. I do recommend Savvy Cooperative if you want to share your story and get paid for this.

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review

Liana Udrescu
Google Review
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I have been a HUGE fan of Savvy Cooperative since their beginnings, and they are what they say they are -- e.g. #askpatients to improve and innovate healthcare! I am confident with their innovative model, their commitment to building a positive community and their willingness to affect CHANGE that together (patients/carepartners and clinicians/researchers/CEOs) can and will be a force for good for the future of healthcare across the world! If you haven't used their services--- don't be the laggard, be the FIRST mover! :)

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review


Greg Merritt
Google Review
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Savvy gives the patient a voice in the medical community. You can tell that they care. And they pay on time. They have provided me the opportunity to pick up $50 here, or $75 there, simply for voicing my opinions about health care, treatment, etc.

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review


Dan Seaman
Google Review
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On the level. Pays well and promptly. A good opportunity to voice your opinions and/or concerns as a patient or caregiver.

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review


Cicily Corbett
Google Review
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I highly recommend Savvy Cooperative! Signing up to receive notification of studies requesting specific patient experience has provided the opportunity for me to engage in "gigs" sharing my story as a patient living with chronic disease. I appreciate the opportunity and the generous rewards provided by Savvy.

Savvy Cooperative 5-Star Google Review

Janis N. Senungetuk
Google Review

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