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Savvy is hiring!


Who We Are Looking For

We are searching for fabulous people who bring passion, fun, diverse perspectives, and a strong hustle to our team!

We have a variety of job descriptions below, but truth is, these are more suggestions — we will craft the role with the right candidates.

You can apply to all areas that interest you. If you seem like a fit for our team, we'll reach out and chat further about the places you might plug in best.

General Hiring


We're always looking for the best talent to join our team, and that doesn't mean the most-credentialed person or the one with the most years of experience. Even if we don't have a specific role available, we're always open to meet new people and explore new opportunities!


Apply Today!

Savvy is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are less focused on resumes and more on skills. Are you savvy?

A Message From The Founders

Hear directly from Jen Horonjeff, CEO, and Ronnie Sharpe, COO


Join us!

A Different Approach

People over job descriptions

We wrote some job descriptions, but they are more suggestions. What we mean is, we have some tasks that are absolute needs and may fit under a certain title, but as a startup there may be other places you can plug in that might not seem obvious for the role. That's why our application strives to highlight other skills you have, that way we can craft the role with the strongest candidates.

Full- and part-time positions

We want to find the right people for our team. This means taking a flexible approach to hiring. Positions have the potential to be full-time or to start as part-time. Depending on the candidate, some part-time roles may be combined to be a full-time position.


We’ve learned that even more important than a person’s professional background is who they are as a person, their work style (read: they can get stuff done), and how they mesh with Savvy.


Why Join Our Savvy Team

What makes Savvy so special?

  • We are the first and only patient-owned public benefit co-op (we know, that's a mouthful...of awesomeness).
  • We were the first co-op to ever receive venture capital, and now we are profitable (what!?) so we are the stewards of our own destiny.
  • We were featured as one of the 50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur magazine for our rad use of a co-op model to equitably value patients.
  • We aren't afraid to put ourselves out there for the cause! We walk the walk. Puppets are our mascots.

Who is a good fit for Savvy?

  • You care about patients and believe co-design is more than just lip service
  • You find yourself nodding in agreement reading our Core Values
  • We were featured as one of the 50 Most Daring Entrepreneurs by Entrepreneur magazine for our rad use of a co-op model to equitably value patients
  • You are tired of business as usual and want to be part of something different
  • You are a self starter, problem solver, creative thinker or little stinker (not required)

Who is NOT a good fit for Savvy?

  • You want to join a company that is going to blitz scale and IPO in the next 5 years
  • You think exploiting users is just part of doing business
  • You’re only about the Benjamins, baby
  • You do better in a large corporate environment

What benefits do you offer?

  • We have always been a fully remote team, so work wherever you like!
  • We offer health insurance, 401K, home office budget, professional development budget, and lots of other ways to let our team know we care!
Savvy Puppet Looking Up Adord

About Savvy Cooperative

What does Savvy do?

Savvy Cooperative is improving healthcare for patients by helping companies create products and services that patients actually need. Savvy provides an online marketplace where companies and innovators can connect directly with diverse patients and consumers to obtain patient insights for clinical, user experience and market research. Using a unique co-op model, Savvy Cooperative is the first patient-owned platform that empowers patients to use their health experiences to advance research, resources and product development.

Who are Savvy’s clients?

We work with companies across healthcare and beyond, including digital health, pharma, biotech, health systems, payors, market research firms, management consulting, creative agencies, startups, and consumer products.

Which communities does Savvy serve?

Savvy is “disease agnostic”—we work with all kinds of patients from rare disease, cancer, autoimmune disease, and underrepresented communities. We also include caregivers (loved ones and guardians), their perspective is important too! We’ve had requests that range from ultra rare diseases to “people who want to improve their sex lives,” there’s something for everyone!

What does it mean that Savvy is a co-op?

Savvy is a multi-stakeholder co-op, with majority ownership by our Public Class (which are our users, and why we say we are “patient-owned”). We also have a Team Class, so that those who work with Savvy also have a pathway to ownership. We believe that the people who help make Savvy great should have a say and share in our profits—simple as that.

Apply for our open roles today!